MIS data

Secure web-link

Secure web server

USO database

Why choose our service?

Compatible with a wide variety of MIS

Reduces user account administration

Easy to install

Automatically creates and manages user accounts

Daily exports keep all accounts up to date

Allows for increased functionality from Atomwide services


    About our service

    AutoUpdate provides a comprehensive and secure way to keep school USO records up-to-date by syncing them with the local school's MIS database.

    MIS data is extracted, encrypted and securely sent to the central USO management system for processing. New USO accounts are then automatically created and existing accounts are updated with any relevant changes since the last data export. This greatly reduced the amount of manual administration required.

    MIS data is used not just to keep your USO accounts up-to-date, but also to make life easier, for example we can use contact details from your MIS to populate online contact lists for our VoIP and texting services, or to ensure user-based policies with our filtering services, MailProtect and WebScreen™.

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