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Fully trained Atomwide cabling engineers

Internal and external runs

Installation of copper and/or fibre cables

Fibre running and termination

Ideal for Atomwide VoIP, WiFi or CCTV installation projects

Replace existing cabling or run for new builds

Cabling Services

About our service

As technology continues to help make savings and efficiencies in schools, it's important that a school's cabling is able to support all the various technological products and services available. At Atomwide we supply a host of services such as VoIP, WiFi, CCTV or Digital Signage systems that depend on the right cabling being in place, we also see a number of schools looking to replace old or failing data cabling with what is now available.

Our cabling service is efficient and unobtrusive and it won't take longer or cost more than necessary. For more complicated jobs we'll ensure best value for money by conducting a site survey beforehand suggesting the optimum cabling runs for your school.

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