Easy access to shared calendars

Why choose our service?

Keep staff, pupils and visitors up-to-date with events

Display to all or restrict to those with full read-write access

No limit on the number of calendars available to view

Display calendars on digital signage screens

Exclusively for StaffMail users

Reduces the need to log into multiple shared mailboxes

    myUSO School Calendar

    About our service

    The School Calendars feature of myUSO makes it easy for staff to create and share calendars with colleagues, pupils or visitors making it a handy way to communicate and keep everyone on the same page with school wide events or personal comings and goings. Only staff with the correct permissions can share the calenders which are read-only, ensuring they can't be edited by unauthorised users. The section also offers the ability create a public link so it is possible to view the calendar from anywhere, including your digital signage screens.

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