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Infra-red illumination

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    The Atomwide CCTV package offers schools a complete solution to help prevent against vandalism. It's tailored to school budgets, fully supported and easy to use.

    The Atomwide CCTV system also boasts a new, additional ANPR feature – please download our flyer below for more information.

    Further cost savings can be applied if using in conjunction with existing VoIP or WiFi switching.

    The CCTV system is a complete monitoring and recording system. Schools are provided with the appropriate number of IP-cameras to suit their requirements - typically decided by site survey* - and a Network Video Recorder (NVR) to control and store recordings.

    Each NVR supports up to 32 cameras and contains 18TB of storage space which, across 32 cameras, will allow for around 4 weeks of continuous high definition recording. Naturally if less than 32 cameras are required the recording cycle will be longer, i.e. 16 cameras will allow for roughly 2 months of recordings.

    The majority of systems are set up to record 24/7. When the storage reaches capacity, new recordings will simply overwrite the oldest. However the system can also utilise camera based motion detection to save bandwidth and disk space.

    *For smaller school systems, or depending on how much information can be provided, a physical visit to site to survey may not be required.


    Atomwide can provide a range of cameras to suit a school’s specific need - from fixed static cameras to infra-red, Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) and motion detectors. All cameras are HD and meet the IP66 specification for being fully waterproofed with both internal and external models available.

    Infra-Red LED illuminators can also be provided and offer leading class performance, long life and zero maintenance. They incorporate the very latest surface mounted LEDs to deliver excellent night-time pictures with improved optical output and outstanding reliability. This feature is built-in to many of the cameras available with the Atomwide CCTV service.


    To run a CCTV system using IP-cameras a number of managed switches will usually be required - the exact number of switches will also be determined by site survey.

    All switches provided will support Power over Ethernet (PoE) to the cameras to avoid the need for excess cabling work to be carried out thus making for a faster and neater installation. However should any additional network cabling be required this can also be provided by Atomwide.

    For schools that are already using other Atomwide supported services such as VoIP or Wireless solutions there may be spare capacity on existing switching used to support those services which could be used in the deployment of a CCTV system. This would further help keep costs down.

    For the full list of cameras and switching that we supply please see our shop site.

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