Partnering with industry leading vendors

Why choose our service?

Partnering with industry leading vendors

State-of-the-art LED touch screens & flat panel displays

Low annual running costs

Simple to set up, use and look after

Free in-school trials and demos

Fully supported by the Atomwide Service Desk

    LED Touch Screens and Flat Panel Displays

    About our service

    As technology becomes more commonplace in the classroom, it's important that schools benefit from the latest the industry has to offer. The right tech can help hold attention spans, save time and hassle, allow for new resources and learning experiences and help excite the classroom for all involved. Most importantly, it might not be as expensive as you might think.

    We've partnered with a variety of AV vendors to be able to offer our supported schools the best LED touch screens and large flat panel displays the industry has to offer. We'll discuss your requirements, find a solution that works for you, get you set up and support you thereafter. To see the full range of what we can supply please get in touch with one of our experts.

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