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Watch or show only appropriate YouTube content

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Works in the classroom and at home

Only videos that have been marked as safe will display

Browse through banks of approved videos

Watched videos approved by schools across the whole myVideos network


    About our service

    myVideos gives schools a way to enable YouTube use within the classroom, removing the risk of exposure to the wrong content. Through the secure myUSO platform, teachers are able to log in and view YouTube content themselves, before deciding whether or not it is appropriate for their class. If deemed so, pupils can watch the approved content via the secure myUSO platform without the risk of exposure to inappropriate content.

    Schools have the option of restricting content to that only approved by their school, or, by allowing content deemed appropriate by the entire community of myVideos users nationwide, thereby increasing the amount of allowed content available to watch.

    For more information about myVideos please download our flyer below or get in touch to discuss with a member of the team.

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