Why choose OfficePOD?

Acoustic, weather-proof PODs

Make better use of valuable real-estate

Ideal as small group or 1-2-1 tuition or music rooms

Easily dismantle, relocate and refit time and time again

Life expectancy of over 35 years

Present an investment in pupils’ education and well-being


    About OfficePOD

    Through their unique ability to be located both outside and inside Educational facilities, OfficePOD’s range of acoustic, weather proof PODs offer an unrivalled choice for schools that need to make better use of their valuable real estate. When a lack of space and flexibility risks compromising basic daily school life, productivity and even morale, we can create new spaces in overlooked areas such as courtyards and playgrounds.

    Break free from the constraints of inflexible traditional school buildings where change often results in extended periods of disruption, inconvenience and mess for all concerned. The PODs modular construction ensures that crucial facilities are easily created with speed and without disturbing the existing building or, more importantly, daily school life.

    The high overall acoustic rating up to 40db, ensures that our PODs succeed in creating private and inspiring spaces to occupy. So, whether it’s the need for music PODs, interview rooms, careers advice or simply 1-2-1 meetings and interaction, OfficePOD are able to create spaces that enhance a school’s facility, present an investment in the pupils education and wellbeing and ultimately boost building flexibility. Moreover, the unique structural panel system is robust and allows the PODs to be easily dismantled and relocated and refitted time and time again, thus allowing them to adapt to a schools changing needs, reducing waste and long term redundancy.

    At Atomwide, we can also integrate your OfficePOD with a whole range of audio visual equipment to ensure its suitability for any activity or meeting.

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