USO database

Secure web server

Secure web-link

Active Directory server

Why choose our service?

Fewer usernames and password to remember

Enables management of user accounts from a single location

Reduces and automates account administration

Creates users in appropriate organisational units

Creates home areas for each user to store folders

Can syncronise USO accounts with Google services logins


    About our service

    Schools using Atomwide supported services will know that their USO credentials serve as their unique log in details for the entire range of Atomwide services.

    To save time and hassle, USOSync can synchronise the USO database with your school's local Active Directory so your USO username and password will serve for this purpose aswell, further removing another set of account details to have to remember.

    USOSync can also synchronise USO with your Microsoft 365 or Google accounts allowing even greater consistency in usernames and passwords.

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    At Atomwide we respect privacy and all data are processed in accordance with data protection laws. Please note, all feasible security measures are in place.

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